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Second Hand Watches For Sale Milton Keynes

Welcome to the website, the home of the leading standard of second hand watches for sale Milton Keynes has to offer. We are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from our full range of exceptional quality watches, along with our repair services, all designed to get the best from your timepiece.

We stock a wide range of exceptional quality pre-owned watches from such renowned manufacturers as Rolex, Cartier, Omega & IWC to name just a few.

Offering Accurate Assessments

In order to be able to accurately assess a watch, it must be handled, tested, discussed and its history established and the team at MJ Luxury Watches possess all of the skills and knowledge required to make a confident assessment regarding exactly how much the repair should cost and how long the work will take.

All of our work is completed in house and if we are unable to complete the repairs whilst you wait, your watch will be returned to you as good as new in the most timely fashionSecond Hand Watches For Sale Milton Keynes possible.

We strongly believe that watches should be treasured and looked after. Such intricate and delicate items, watches often need a little TLC and our vastly experienced team possess all of the skills, knowledge and equipment needed to provide long lasting repairs to any time piece.

Benefiting From Regular ServicingMJ Luxury Watches

No matter how old your watch is, it will benefit from a thorough service every 3-5 years. The experts at the MJ Luxury Watches possess all of the skills needed to ensure that your watch looks and works as it is intended to do after our comprehensive servicing.

Wide Range of Services Available

Along with our high quality repair services, the premier shop for pre-owned watches Rugby has to offer also offers a range of related services, including:

Additional services include overhaul, restoration work, new glass, new winders and dial restoration to near new condition.

Visit Our Shop

As well as being the premier destination for Second Hand Watches For Sale Milton Keynes you’ll find us the friendliest in the business but perhaps more importantly our team is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Contact Us

Second Hand Watches For Sale Milton Keynes and purchases enquiries

MJ Luxury Watches

Michael 07818 508577 or Olivia 07896047375

michael@mjwatches.net or olivia@mjwatches.net

Alternatively, you can contact us via our Facebook page by clicking here.
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